Uncontested Divorce

New York Uncontested Divorce

Upon watching television shows and hearing horror stories about divorce, many people who have fallen out of love or would prefer to start a new chapter look for alternatives to a messy, litigated, drawn out process. The trend for uncontested divorces started to grow in Hollywood when terms like “conscious uncoupling” started to pop up in the media. There are instances when two people truly fall out of love, geography or a work opportunity changes living situations, or both parties are not happy in the marriage that they once were excited and happy about their part in this marriage.

Collaborative Law, Mediation, or Uncontested Divorce

In New York, there are many terms for uncontested divorce, such as collaborative law, mediation, or a divorce without litigation. The parties and both attorneys in an uncontested divorce agree that the formal dissolution of the marriage will not require litigation or a trial. In order to move smoothly through an uncontested divorce, each spouse needs to agree with the other on the division of the property, visitation with children, and any spousal support or retirement benefit distribution. Other matters that may come into play include business assets, additional vacation homes, and child support. If both parties are agreeable on all distribution of assets and the care of the children, then an uncontested divorce is possible for you and your family.

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